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rarely asked questions

Having browsed tens and hundreds of websites I noticed an intriguing regularity. That is, FAQs (frequently asked questions) make up an overwhelming majority when compared to their opposites - RAQs (rarely asked questions), which are truly rare indeed. It is time to change these proportions.

Q: This website doesn't work with my washing machine properly - nothing seems to be properly formatted, colours are odd...
A: Make sure you have DirectWash drivers version 5.12 or later - versions prior to that one had no CSS support.

Q: What happens if I copy HTML code of this website and paste it into the calculator tool?
A: The calculator will come up with your IQ level.

A: You must ask a question first. I am the one to answer them.
Q: Oh...

Q: Why haven't you replied to my latest e-mail?
A: Because it's so much latest that hasn't been sent yet.

Q: ?
A: You need to be a bit more specific to have your question answered.

Q: May I ask a question?
A: Certainly, this is what this section has been created for.

Q: What time is it?
A: Shoot-all-people-without-watches-time.

Q: Do you know the telephone number to Lesotho Bureau of Statistics?
A: Of course. It's (+266) 22323852, ext. 211 - ask for Ms. Mapitso Ratolo.

Wanna ask a rare question? Contact me.