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Ijon Tichy - music

Here you can download most of my tunes. Old stuff connoisseurs will also find something of interest - legacy modules, the oldest of which date back to 1994, the year roughly marking the beginnings of my music adventure.

mp3 modules


mp3 / commercial

Tunes in this section make up my commercial offer. They are available for purchase at SoundImage stock and the links below will take you there. Looped versions are marked with square brackets - [ ].

Title Available Versions
29 Orbits 00:12 00:30 00:38 [00:16]
Adrenaliner 00:16 00:31 [00:14]
Amazonia 00:31 [00:30]
Downtown Gang 00:06 [00:09]
Electrostation 00:15 00:20
Free Float 00:33 [00:17] [00:34]
Gonna Take This 01:03
Idle Wait 00:30 [00:22]
It's Tearing Me Apart 01:00
Marionette 00:36 00:49
Morning Haze 00:16 00:30 [00:14] [00:14]
On the Wake 00:32 [00:16]
Reunited 01:03 [00:21] [00:21]
Suspension 00:31 [00:16]
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mp3 / free

A few of the following tunes are also available at Strefa MP3 - you are encouraged to download or listen to the tunes there as well. Also, read the copyright note.

Title Year Info
A Bad Trip 2006 A bit psychedelic.
Back to the Roots 2001 Strongly influenced by 1980s music. One of many projects which was never finished.
Cubic World 2005 Rather gloomy yet dynamic.
Galactica X1 2000
Galactica X2 2001
Light-Inhale-Enjoy 2003 Unfinished.
Maszynista Na Grzybach 2003 An experiment which shouldn't be taken too seriously. :)
Prey to the Ravens 2004 A bit melancholic but pretty fast electronic tune.
Speck of Dust 2003 Unfinished.
Supernova 1998
Symmetry 1999
Tunnel Vision 2002 Unfinished.
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All the modules are zip-compressed; they cannot be played directly off the website - you need to download them first and use an appropriate player. Modules of mine can also be found on Aminet.
The table below shows how the module formats are handled by various players. (Unfortunately I don't know any Windoze player that would play DIGI Booster Pro modules correctly. Best way is to use Amiga software on a real machine or UAE.)

player DL ProTracker DIGI Booster DIGI Booster Pro
Module Decoder plugin for Winamp FINE NOT AT ALL NOT AT ALL
Modplug Sound System Input plugin for Winamp FINE NOT AT ALL POORLY

*) - MODPlug recognises DIGI Booster modules as such but completely fails to play them.

modules / protracker

Title Year Info
Ascend to Sky 1995 My last module made on A500.
At Wuju's Home 1996 Started at my friend's to explain a few technical issues to him.
Bloodshed 1995
Break It! 1994
Breath of Night 1995 Most of the samples taken from Masterboy as far as I remember.
Destroy Your PC! 1996 Originally intended for Pentium Experience, but eventually "Disaster 2" was used.
Digital Sounds 1995 Sampled from Kraftwerk.
Disaster 1 1996
Disaster 2 1996 From Pentium Experience - a VHS production released at Intel Outside II. Yet another tune with those notorious samples from The Prodigy. :)
Fit of Madness 1996 Intended to be the soundtrack for a Genetic demo. Not used eventually.
Future Town 1996
Game Over 1997
Grown-up Kids 1996
Hasty 1995 Old merry days, happy tune...
Hopeless Life 1997 For a Genetic zin Zajawqa which was never released AFAIK. Years later used in EuroChart #48 diskmag.
Intr-X 01 1994
Intr-X 02 1994
Intr-X 03 1994
Intr-X 04 1994 One of the best tunes in the Intr-X series.
Intr-X 05 1995 It was supposed to mock Magiel's Terror Machine.
Intr-X 06 1995 Amiga's Paula is necessary to get the original sound.
Intr-X 07 1995
Intr-X 08 1995 The last Intr-X made on my A500.
Intr-X 09 1996
Intr-X 10 1996 A sick one.
Intr-X 11 1996
Intr-X 12 1996 Made the day after a party with a nice hangover. ;)
Intr-X 13 1996
Intr-X 14 1996
Intr-X 15 1996 A slow Intr-X.
Intr-X 16 1996
Intr-X 17 1996 Contrary to what's stated in the modinfo, this one wasn't used in any intro.
Intr-X 18 1997 Used in Suicide intro by Genetic.
Intr-X 19 1997
Intr-X 20 1998 The last Intr-X and my last Protracker mod.
Jaro's X-Copy 1994 A tribute to JPSoft. ;)
Jingle 0 1996 All Jingle tunes were supposed to be used in a game.
Jingle 1 1996
Jingle 2 1996
Jingle 3 1996
Jingle 4 1997
Jingle 5 1997
Jingle 6 1997
Jingle 7 1997
Jingle 8 1997
Magic Dream 1994 Kind of a lousy Jarresque.
Negation 1994 I wanted this one to be technically elaborate - even prepared several chord samples to go beyond major-minor patterns. :)
Negro Rapers 1995 An attempt at kinda disco/dance.
One More Techno 1996
Priest Killer 1994
Shadow of Tombstone 1995 My contribution to Intel Outside II music compo.
Short Movin' On 1996
Sorrowful Drunkard 1994 May the title remain a secret...
Space Flight v2 1996 Original version had no loops (added to make an echo effect for which normally there was no room).
Stop This Feeling 1995
Szit Czip 1994 Made just for fun. The title alludes to XTD's shit chip modules.
Tranzeomatics 1997 From Profanation demo by Genetic.
Tray-Zega 1995
Undertaker 1996 Definitely one of my best tunes.
Wszystko Od Nowa 1997 Used in EuroChart #48 diskmag.
You Got To Know 1995 Merely a conversion/mix from some dance rubbish.
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modules / digi booster

Title Year Info
Antichrist 1997 A good concept, spoiled only by those notorious guitar samples used in tens of modules.
Blizzard 1997 Basically a dance tune, but I like it despite its genre.
Chad 1996
Deepness 1996
Distance of Time 1996
Don't Let it Die 1997 This is what I would call "slush".
Ears Killer 1996 An attempt at techno style. I guess not particularly successful one.
Editt 1997 Rather slow, nostalgic electronica.
Erotic Dream 1996 The first 70 seconds is a conversion of Berlin's Take My Breath Away. The remaining part is purely mine.
Fight 1997 A fast, vivid and danceable tune, but still not dance rubbish. :)
Gwiezdny Szlak 1996
Hip-Hop-Siup 1997 This one has actually nothing to do with hip-hop - it's dance rubbish. ;)
Into Your Memory 8ch 1997 DIGI Booster version of the same-named tune created in 1994.
Lost Eden 1998 My last DIGI Booster 1.x tune. Loops made with mod2smp.
Moonlit Moors 1997 The modinfo text is laughable, but the tune itself is good.
Nimfa 1997 Bass line is totally fucked up here as it doesn't go with drums properly.
Outfly 1997
Piano Expression 1996
Something 1996 Never liked this one... I couldn't even come up with any title.
Spirits 1997 Made in the peak of my fascination by X-Files and all sorts of paranormal bullshit. :)
Summer Rain 1996 My contribution to the multichannel compo at Intel Outside III. Unfortunately, the organizers fucked it up and "forgot" to play DIGI Booster modules.
Sztachety Rulez 1997 I just had to try disco-polo! :) Several themes have been borrowed from various pieces (mostly disco-polo).
The Great Forgotten 1996 My first DIGI Booster module. Heavily influenced by Laserdance.
Tribal Trance 1997 The final result turned out to be quite far from my intentions.
Unreality 1997 My favourite style. Again, lots of modinfo crap.
Unused Mind 1997 Dance at its best, hehe... ;)
Vqrviatch 1996
Way To Neverland 1997 The drum loops had been stolen from somewhere, but the tune was worth this. :)
Your Eyes 1998 Quite similar to "Nimfa" - with piano playing the key role.
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modules / digi booster pro

Title Year Info
Aliens At School 2000 Made for my friend's diploma project - a mixture of video and 3D material.
Aneta 1998 Originally made in 1996 with DIGI Booster 1.x. Minor improvements and fixes.
Bad Infulence of Moon 2000 Originally made in 1997 with DIGI Booster 1.x.
Cubic World 2005 Finally I got him and finished after around 4 years...
Extraterrestrial 2001 Eventually finished in 2001, but started around 1999. ;)
Galactica X1 2000
Galactica X2 2001 This one is definitely better than its "predecessor" - X1.
Genetic Code Error 1998 The concept itself if nice, but the quality of samples spoils the thing.
Maszynista Na Grzybach 2003 An experiment which shouldn't be taken too seriously. :)
Night Wanderings 1998 A gloomy tune.
Prey to the Ravens 2004 16-channel electronic tune, finished after ca. 2 years of neglect.
Pulalalumba 1998 10-channel version of the same-named ProTracker tune made by Angus.
Raindrop Jewels 2002 I don't like this one very much, except for a few final patterns.
Running Down 1998
Supernova 1998 Again, a good concept spoiled by terrible quality of the samples.
Symmetry 1999 One of my favourite tunes.
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